Born and raised in Italy‭, ‬Adriano has been interested in combat sports for many years‭. ‬Experienced in Muai Thai‭, ‬kickboxing and‭ ‬boxing‭, ‬he has recently started to compete in MMA‭.‬

Adriano has extensive knowledge and experience in high intensity training as well as the strength and conditioning required to prepare fighters and athletes‭. ‬This focuses on drills to increase power and cardiovascular performances as well as fat burning‭.‬

Adriano holds a Masters Degree in Cultural Mediation‭; ‬he is a certified PT from the American Council of Exercise‭ (‬ACE‭), ‬and also‭ ‬holds a boot camp instructor certificate‭. ‬Adriano is fluent in Italian‭, ‬English and Chinese‭.‬