• All of our trainers have a minimum 1,000 hours hands-on, practical training experience and hold at least one internationally recognised training qualification.

  • Role models. Prime trainers are all competing or have competed at the very highest level in a variety of sporting and athletic disciplines.

  • You are not alone. Our trainers are all outgoing, friendly, and positive individuals who can inspire you to be your best.


Master Trainers

Victor Rowse, General Manager Born and raised in Hong Kong, Victor Rowse is a fitness researcher and personal trainer based in Beijing, China. Victor started work as a personal trainer in 1999… Click here to read more about Victor’s experience and credentials.


Christy Zhang, Christy is a professional weight-lifting athlete with a Masters degree from Beijing Sports University. In 2008, she won the Shanxi Provincial Youth Weightlifting Competition in the under 50kg category, and also placed Ninth at the National Youth Weightlifting Championship… Click here to read more about Christy’s experience and credentials.

Senior Trainers

Momo Mo, A graduate in Sports Training from Beijing Sports University, Momo is a specialist strength coach having devoted her life to weight-lifting since she was 12 years old. During her competitive years, Momo has won an array of weightlifting competitions in Hunan Province, totaling, 6 gold and 3 silver medals between 2007 and 2009… Click here to read more about Momo’s experience and credentials.


Shaoliang lin (Shao), Shao is an Australian strength conditioning coach. He has a Bachelor of Sports Sciences and a Diploma of Fitness. As a Cross Fit Level One coach he has over eight years of training and coaching experience from all over the world…… Click here to read more about Enrique’s experience and credentials.