March 31, 2016 Zhou Jia

Insights to the bodybuilding world


There is nothing wrong with a man or woman who loves to pump iron!

For most people, when they hear the term ‘bodybuilding’, images of hugely muscled, oiled up men/women in bikini suits register in their minds.

Seems like a lot of effort, right? How long does it actually take to become a bodybuilder? Well, there is no minimum number of hours to be spent in the gym, no required exercises, or no number of sets or repetitions to be completed to become a bodybuilder. The reality is that any athlete who makes a conscious and constant effort to improve their bodies is considered a ‘bodybuilder’.

Some might take that bodybuilding interest to a competing level, with a specific goal in mind. Both our Senior Personal Trainers Kristine and Randy have been competing in bodybuilding for a few years now and they always get clients at Prime asking them how to achieve that physique (ie. muscly, toned, shaped, and very little body fat). For those curious, we got them to quickly answer 3 basic questions right after they returned from participating at the Olympia Amateur Asia, in Hong Kong last week.

1.Q: What got you into bodybuilding?

Kristine: I got interested in bodybuilding back in 2008 when I met WFF (World Figure Federation) World Champion Mr. World Kris Porthill [writer’s note: for those who don’t know him, Mr. Porthill is a Norwegian-born and Australian bodybuilding legend]. We became friends and he taught me well. This is what triggered my interest in bodybuilding, and training. I was amazed to see the way he had shaped his body and the discipline and dedication he puts into it.

Randy: I’ve always been doing some form of sports since early childhood, from swimming, soccer to rugby and powerlifting. Most boys had the muscle dream and I was no different, so I’ve always done some sort of bodybuilding exercises while training for other sports, only recently did I focus specifically on ‘the real bodybuilding’.

2.Q: You have now participated a few times at international body building competitions –how are you preparing for this Mr. Olympia Amateur? Will you be doing anything different with your prep than in your previous shows this year/last year?

Kristine: Wow, that’s a big question. Short answer: everything is different this time! Even though I’ve known Kris for years this is the first show he’s been coaching me and made me part of his international “Team Viking”. This is the biggest change. I’ve really seen some amazing results! Even personal trainers like myself need coaches and some guidance to get the results that one wants, to be one’s best (chuckles). I am feeling great and ready for this competition. If you want to get specific about how to prep for a bodybuilding competition, I’m afraid we can write a book on the subject, so to summarize, the key points are: to have discipline and consistency, and to stay focused and keep working towards the goal.

Randy: I am always looking for ways to improve myself at every competition; still trying to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. For the Mr. Olympia Amateur competition I ‘carbbed’ up early and stopped loading on carbs 48 hours before the competition to help get rid of the extra water underneath my skin.

3.Q: What keeps you motivated?

Kristine: My biggest motivation is myself. Competing is tough! Sometimes I don’t see results after putting in a lot of work and want to quit, but I know that if I keep going the results will come. They always do. You have to be patient. With every show and competition, I get better and better. That’s what keeps me motivated. Knowing that regardless of the outcome at the show I’ve still achieved the physique I wanted.

Randy: My motivation comes from constant improvement. While it is difficult to maintain a strict diet and train regularly to prepare for a show; I get motivated through imagining how good I will look at the competition (chuckles). And every morning when I see myself in the mirror and see the change in my body; I know that I need to keep it going!

Patience, discipline and commitment. Same as Kristine and Randy have set some goals for the Olympia Amateur Asia Competition, when setting a goal, you need to be as specific (and realistic based on your lifestyle) as possible. If you want to lose weight, how much weight exactly do you want to lose? When do you want to lose it by? How do you plan to achieve your goal? Set some goals, be patient, have discipline and stay committed; you will see great results quicker than you expected.