October 12, 2015 sagar

Is it better to work out in the morning or in the evening after work?


Many of our customers at Prime often ask us this question. Though there is a science to performance maximization by arranging your training schedule in accordance with your circadian rhythm, the reality is that people train when it’s convenient, when they can or feel like it. Hey, better train than not train, right?

But for those Prime Fitness fans who would like to learn more about optimizing their training to recover better, gain more muscle and reduce the chance of injuries, here is an explanation about the impact of circadian rhythms on your workout.

The circadian rhythm is a person’s main biological cycle (in other words, your sleep-wake cycle). And like all biological cycles, the circadian rhythm is controlled by an inter-nal clock that sets and resets itself based on external stimuli: light.

In this study published by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research researchers examined the influence of the time of day on body temperature and power output. In theory, the best time to exercise has to do with a person’s body temperature –the more warmed-up the body is, the better for exercise. And since we have moved our body around (and thus increased our core temperatures) during daytime, one can jump to the quick conclusion that exercise performance in the evenings are higher.

Does that mean that those who have been working out early in the morning are doing it all wrong? Not at all. While the variations that impact ones workout will vary by time within a given day (since as mentioned before, light dominates the circadian rhythm), they stay fairly consistent at a given time from day to day. So, for those morning people who come to Prime to exercise early, the good news is that consistency in your training schedule probably moderates those variations a bit, and thus your body prepares itself to work out. Plus, you start the day with one less task on your to-do list.