• All of our trainers have a minimum 1,000 hours hands-on, practical training experience and hold at least one internationally recognised training qualification.

  • Role models. Prime trainers are all competing or have competed at the very highest level in a variety of sporting and athletic disciplines.

  • You are not alone. Our trainers are all outgoing, friendly, and positive individuals who can inspire you to be your best.


Master Trainers

Denis Couprie, General Manager Born in Senegal and raised in France, Denis has had a glittering athletic career punctuated with numerous awards and titles. After a successful stint as a parachute commando in the French army, Denis decided to become a full-time bodybuilder… Click here to read more about Denis’s experience and credentials.

William, Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, William is a personal trainer who focuses on functional training, movement performance optimization, and injury prevention. He started his career as a personal trainer in 2002 upon graduating from the University of Notre Dame, where he excelled as a sprinter for the Big East Champion Track & Field Team… Click here to read more about William’s experience and credentials.

Frank, CPT Born in Jiangsu Province, Frank developed a passion for sports at a young age, competing in track and field, football, and other individual and team sports at high school. His enthusiasm for sports… Click here to read more about Frank’s experience and credentials.

Senior Trainers

Adriano, Born and raised in Italy‭, ‬Adriano has been interested in combat sports for many years‭. ‬Experienced in Muai Thai‭, ‬kickboxing and‭ ‬boxing‭, ‬he has recently started to compete in MMA… Click here to read more about Adriano’s experience and credentials.


Jose, was born in Madrid, Spain. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science (INEF), is a TRX Instructor (Level 2), and certified in Nutrition & Dietetics (IPS)… Click here to read more about Jose’s experience and credentials.


Lauren, A national level athlete at the age of 15 and qualified as a personal trainer at the age of 21, Lauren is a fitness fanatic with a distinguished background in a wide range of individual and team sports… Click here to read more about Lauren’s experience and credentials.


Min, specializes in pilates strength and cardio training. She graduated from Shanghai International Studies University and speaks Chinese, English, German and Japanese, She has already completed a few full marathons… Click here to read more about Min’s experience and credentials.


Athena, began boxing in her childhood and undertook professional boxing training for more than seven years. She started training Crossfit when based in Miami and currently specializes in high intensity interval training as well as different kinds of aerobic and anaerobic training… Click here to read more about Athena’s experience and credentials.