March 31, 2016 Zhou Jia

The Worst Fitness Tips Prime Trainers Have Ever Heard


To many, the world of working out can seem like it’s full of rules. Keep your back flat during a push-up, squeeze your glutes in a plank—and don’t forget to roll your shoulders down before performing a body-weight squat. Sure, these pointers are helpful and keep us from getting in-jured. But if you’ve ever wondered “What the… did he/she just say?” dur-ing a workout; you’re not alone.

Turns out, there’s plenty of bad advice out there. We asked our Prime trainers to cut through the fog of misinformation and tell us the worst tips they’ve ever heard. If you’ve followed any of this advice, now is the time to start thinking differently.

1.“If you don’t use your muscles, they will turn to fat”.
Victor Rowse, Prime Fitness Co-Founder and Master Trainer: “What will actually happen if you don’t use your muscles is that they will shrink (or atrophy, as properly known). This in turn will mean that your metabo-lism slows down and, in the absence of a corresponding reduction in your calorie intake, you may start to gain weight. The gain in weight comes from having an excess energy balance, not from your muscles all of a sud-den turning into fat!”

2.“Women who lift weights may develop a male physique”.
Denis Couprie, Prime Fitness Co-Founder and Master Trainer: “Your ability to put on muscle is determined primarily by your hormone levels, particularly testosterone and human growth hormone. Since women have roughly 10% of the levels of these hormones as their male counterparts, it is highly challenging for women to gain significant amounts of muscle. Most women who undertake resistance training and lift weights will be able to gain some muscle, but that doesn’t mean that they will look like a man! Their bodies will just be toner and leaner, and most importantly, their looks will remain feminine.”

3.“There is an ideal weight for your body type”.
Randy Zhou, Senior Trainer at Prime Fitness: “No one has the ability (or right) to tell you what your proper weight is. Everybody is different. So stop letting a number on the scale have so much power on you. You were not meant to look like anyone else so do not let your weight determine your happiness. Have confidence and keep yourself fit and healthy – now that’s sexy.”